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Customers of Sphere 10 Software
Rest-break Reminders
RSI Warrior will remind you to take a break as you work on your computer.
Intelligent strain prediction
Based the level of your keyboard and mouse activity, RSI Warrior determines how much strain you are accumulating and recommends breaks no that basis. If you aren't using your machine, you won't be asked to perform breaks.
Professionally designed stretches
The stretching animations were designed by ergonomics professionals targeting computer overuse.
Smooth 3D animated stretches
The stretches are nicely animated using 3D models and very easy to follow.
For those suffering trigger-finger, this feature can be a life saver. The mouse will automatically click for you after you stop moving it. This is useful if your work requires you to be constantly clicking on forms.
Ergonomics Wizard
Everytime you start your computer, you will be reminded the recommended seating positions and ergonomic layout for your office.
Posture Reminder
Every once in a while, you can be reminded to correct your seating posture.

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